Aquarii AP AxceleronThis year’s LDI was recent start-up Aquarii’s first time at the show and they came out swinging. Their Axceleron down-light is designed to be used as a down-light for theatre and entertainment venues, convention centers, arenas, museums, high school gyms & natatoriums.

Perfect for commercial and architectural lighting applications, the Axceleron can also be used in warehouses, manufacturing plants, storage facilities, dairies, wineries, and airport common areas. It is designed to replace metal halide, and high pressure sodium, incandescent lights. The Axceleron outperforms these conventional fixtures in energy savings and maintenance by up to 70%.

Axceleron can be configured with several lens types to provide the many choices in light  distribution. They are can do custom enclosure wraps so the fixtures can stand out or blend into any environment.