Apollo Design Technology

New this year at the Apollo, you guessed it an LED fixture. The masters of metal work have decided to jump into the LED fixture arena. Right now they have 2 LED units that they are producing. The Avid 5 is a casting holding currently the Osram HD Par38 lamp. The lamp itself is considered a dimmable lamp. The choice to go with an off the shelf lamp retrofit lamp means that Apollo can improve the unit as LED lamp technology improves. They may also be able to engineer a better dimming curve within the unit itself.

The Avid 7 is a more traditional LED fixture with quad chip LEDs. It has the same style metal housing, DMX in/thru, Powercon in/thru and an LCD screen for accessing on board features. Apollo had a nifty display set up of the piece of raw aluminum from start to finish along with the initial concept drawings.

The main advantages to the Avid feature line will be the fact that they can be customized for any project. Apollo already has fixtures on display in a number of different colors and will custom build whatever you need. The other great advantage is that they are building all the products in the USA. AC-LF5-WRENCH-S

For you tool junkies Apollo had their Little Focus 5 Wrench is a sleek, handy tool for your focusing needs. Made from durable stainless steel, the LF5 provides easy access to common bolt sizes found in the industry.

Apollo Perma PennyAnother handy item Apollo has designed a unique accessory called the Perma Penny. A handy truss protector that slips right onto a fixture clamp to protect aluminum truss from repeated damage done by clamps. The Perma Penny does not have to be removed from truss when finished, it remains on the fixture clamp until next installation.

Of course there was no shortage of gel and gobo products on display. For those who were not familiar with Apollo’s Gel Wrap, they had the wheel of Gel Wrap which showcase their Gel tubes and wrap.