Aadyn Punch PlusReleased at LDI you can now use the Aadyn Punch Plus Luminaire for outdoor floodlighting applications in any climate. Working with Tempest lighting, this custom Thunder enclosure will keep your luminaire dry and cool, and is designed to be hung from lighting poles and frames, with simple but secure pan and tilt adjustment.

Thunder 6670 EnclosureThe Thunder 6670 enclosure has been custom-designed by Tempest. Thunder 6670 protects your Aadyn luminaire in rain, snow, ice and sun, in temperatures up to 50 degrees C/120 degrees F.

Thunder 6670 is equipped with Tempest’s unique MiniDEC controller, to ensure cooling any time the luminaire is on or the temperature is high.  MiniDEC controller monitors temperature and power to the lamp, controls cooling and changes air when the lamp is off to prevent overheating in direct sun.