Ushio is introducing the ProPanel LED fixture. It is available in 1×2 and  2×2 with variable color 2700K-6500K. The fixture comes with a gel frame and honeycomb. Barndoors are additional. Continuous DMX 512 dimming 1000%-0%.The 1×2 lists for $2799.00 and the 2×2 lists for $3400.00. The fixture is not available until 1st quarter 2013. The Ushio sales rep will have a demo fixture by early November.

They are also introducing the USR-1200/2 which is comparable to the MSR 1200/2. 1000 hour life, 100,000 lumen high output, 7200K.

Ushio was also displaying their new U-Neo which is a high-output LED fiber system. This is a replacement for neon…it is LED but still has the look of neon. Available in red, green, blue, & white, and red. Color-changing is not available. This product is still in the prototype stage. Probably will not be introduced until mid-next year.