As usual, Rosebrand has a list of new products for 2012.  Most notable additions are in the rigging & stage hardware area.  Rosebrand is now a dealer for New England Ropes.  Popular rope brands include Multiline II, Sta-set and Stage Set X.  These ropes are favorites for riggers in both the theatrical and film world.

Rosebrand Spider Web FabricNew fabrics include a Super heavy weight Muslin in 110” and 120” when the regular heavy weight muslin is not heavy enough! Just in time for Halloween or your own production of SpiderMan, they have introduced a fabric called “SpiderWeb” which is a neat black web material 60” wide and flame retardant making it ideal for lighting, shadow effects and decoration. Because of the random pattern and texture, seams are not noticeable when serged.

New for sale is their Kabuki drop system in which a lightweight fabric is dropped swiftly from above to conceal or reveal your product, space, or performers. The Rose Brand Kabuki System is lightweight, modular, and easy to employ. For even greater versatility, the Rose Brand Kabuki System is capable of both single and double kabuki effects.

The single Kabuki consists of either a concealing curtain dropping in, or a revealing curtain dropping to the floor. The double Kabuki is a two-step process which begins with the curtain stored above, out of sight. The first trip releases the curtain into its concealing position. A second trip releases the curtain to the floor for the reveal.

Unlike other systems which require multiple trip mechanisms, the Rose Brand Kabuki System can operate a full stage single kabuki drop on just one trip mechanism. Add just one more for the double Kabuki effect.