RGB Lights / FlexiFlex

RGB Lights had their FlexiFlex line of LED displays on the showfloor that provide full-motion video, graphics, messaging and lighting capabilities in large format for both indoor and outdoor applications. The modular panels may be used vertically, horizontally, singularly or as a multi-panel system creating a uniform and robust LED grid. The translucent LED domes present audiences a wide viewing angle and the low-profile open grid structure allow for ultimate transparency. Flexible, rugged, lightweight and thin, FlexiFlex and FlexiFleXL can be draped, wrapped, hung and adapted to a variety of surfaces.

Similar in nature to FlexiFlex, RigiFlex and RigiFleXL are created using a rigid mesh structure for permanent, customized, or highly uniform applications.  RGB Lights manufactures FlexiFlex panels in a variety of standard configurations and will custom
configure the shape, size or resolution to meet your specific needs. Using proven Philips Color Kinetics components, the FlexiFlex line of products combines quality, reliability and innovation.

RGB also has a pre-rig  version called FlexiFlex Touring Truss which rolls up into the box truss and allows for faster deployment.