Philips – Selecon

Philips – Selecon’s  Studio Panel is a compact light weight LED luminaire designed for both studio and location use. Units feature tunable white color temperature control from 3000K to 6000K and 10 built-in color temperature presets including 3000K, 3200K, 4000K, 5600K, and 6000K.  Requiring just 50 watts, the unit will operate on AC or DC voltage. The battery power input is designed to allow location operation using industry standard batteries.  It has a standard 19 degree beam angle with available diffusion lenses (40 and 60) for a wide range of focus control.  Available accessories include snap on 2 or 4-leaf barndoors and battery power (DC) input.

The PLPROFILE1 is a variable beam profile with precise beam control and pattern projection from a high output beam. An innovative combination of LED source technology and precision optical design, the PLPROFILE1 uses the same proven LED engine as the Philips Selecon PL3, PL1, PLCYC1, PLFRESNEL1 and the Philips Vari-Lite VLX ranges meaning color matching is simplified across the stage. The user interface is the same ensuring ease of use.

The PL4, which is a slightly larger profile LED fixture, uses 4 of the same color engines as the PL1, providing light output similar to a 575w tungsten halogen source.  With a super definition lens barrel, diffusion to remove chromatic aberrations is not needed.

The PLFRESNEL-1 is a general purpose luminaire for theatre, small studio, and display lighting applications. It produces an adjustable cone of light with a soft edge which is easily blended with adjacent beams to provide even illumination, performing similar to a standard 6” Fresnel. Using LED source technology combined with a traditional Fresnel lens, the PLFRESNEL-1 uses the same proven LED engine as the Philips Selecon PL3, PL1, PLCYC1 and the Philips Vari-Lite VLX ranges meaning colour matching is simplified across the stage.

The PLCYC2 is a double version of the PLCYC1 shown here.  It seamlessly blends intense washes of color on cycloramas up to 10m high (twice that of the PLCYC1), and can be effective when spaced on 4’ centers.  Using LED source technology combined with properly shaped asymmetrical reflectors, the PLCYC products deliver consistent light distribution without the compromising performance of vertical or horizontal spreader lenses.  With the convenient powercon system, the PLCYC can light a typical cyclorama with a single 10A non-dim circuit.  All PLCyc luminaires support wireless DMX512 control for instant connections without running control wiring. Each optional wireless receiver also has a DMX512 out port to control adjacent luminaires. Receivers and transmitters are available using Wireless Solution W-DMX.