Philips – Lamps

Philips unveiled its MSD Platinum 2R lamp.  It is extremely compact, and features a high precision reflector and innovative burner filling, resulting in a bright and efficient light beam. The light output of a 132W MSD Platinum 2R lamp is comparable with a MSD lamp of 300W, and it has a life of 6,000 hours; twice as long as other MSD lamps.

Another highlight is the lifetime extension of the Philips MSR Platinum 35from 750 to 1000hrs, which is 30% longer than comparable solutions on the market.

Philips also launched the new MSR Gold 700/1 MiniFastFit. This short arc lamp offers the combination of pure white light (5600K) with high brightness and excellent color quality precisely matching the black body line.  Ideal for theaters and studios, Clay Paky has integrated it in its Alpha Profile 700ST fixture.