Martin Lighting

Every year the Martin booth is packed and this year was no different.  Martin had several new products being shown this year.

New in the fixture world is the Viper Profile.  By using the new Osram HTI Lok-it lamp, this 1000w fixture has better output than it’s 1200w siblings.   This more efficient unit is also a bit more compact than the Mac 2k but still beefy at 82lbs.

In the console area, Martin has come out with a sweet little console called the M2Go.  This console is the size of most PC wings but is a full fledged console.  It amazingly has 4 DMX outputs on the console which is unusual on a console this small.  4 Universes of DMX are standard but there is room for expansion up to 8 universes if needed.  The console includes a 3.5” touch screen for programming plus 4 encoders and customizable function keys.

For those who like the PC with separate wing option, the M2PC is essential the same product with out the processor and only 2 DMX outputs/universes.  2 additional universes can be added as an option.

In the Jem line, Martin has introduced a new hazer called the Compact Hazer Pro.  Judging smoke and haze machines in a large trade show hall is always difficult but since I had a sneak preview of the machine before LDI, I can tell you this small sized hazer really kicks.  Using their water based fluid; you can easily fill a room in no time.  The light weight and compact nature allows this machine to be attractive to many different venues and clients.  A shutdown button helps prolong the life of the machine by running a short cleaning cycle.