Lee Filters

A white LED source appears blue or cold when compared to a Tungsten source. With that in mind, LEE Filters has introduced the new LED Conversion Filters. Specifically “LED CTO” filters with the capability to convert white led (5000K-7000K) to the equivalent of a 3200K tungsten source, giving designers the option to blend luminaries within one design.

  • #622 One and One Eighth Digital LED CTO (Coverts white LED of 7000K to Tungsten of 3200K)
  • #624 Full Digital LED CTO (Converts white  LED of 6200K to Tungsten of 3200K)
  • #626 Seven Eighths Digital LED CTO (Converts white LED of 5550K to Tungsten of 3200K)
  • #628 Three Quarter Digital LED CTO (Converts white LED of 5000K to Tungsten of 3200K)

LEE Filters New LED Filter Range:

Have you ever tried using a colored lighting filter in front of a Cool White LED fitting? It ends up looking completely different. If you did not know better you would think it was a totally different color. The problem is made even worse when mixing Cool White LED and Tungsten sources together, trying to get a color match from the two different sources is virtually impossible. To help fix this problem LEE Filters have launched a new range of LED Filters. These new filters when used on Cool White LED (6000K) have been specifically designed to give a visual color match to the existing colors on Tungsten (3200K).