Hubbell has added a Buss bar panel mount to their single pole range.  They have also extended their boot to include #6 cable.  Coming soon will be mini cams.  Hubbell has also added a Nema 3R Snap back back cover for single pole connectors.  The base is made of Valox and the cover of nylon. The whole thing is UV resistant.

Also new to Hubbell is the Snap connect line of receptacles.  The concept here is that at installation the contractor will install the snap in terminal.  Painters can come in and paint away and not paint the receptacles.  You then come in behind and snap in the connectors, this part does not require skilled labor as the wiring has already been done.  Later the home owner can simply unsnap the receptacle and snap in a new one whenever they want to change one, eliminating the need for them to wire anything. Not theatrical but still pretty cool.

Hubbell USB DuplexA Barbizon favorite is a new duplex receptacle with two USB ports in it, which draw enough to power two iPads. These will be available early first quarter next year.