Gam Products

Gam Products has some interesting things at LDI this year.  The GAM Custom WindowGrip™ is an adhesive-backed, optically clear window film that’s available in 160 GamColors®. Custom WindowGrip™ colors can be applied to glass, plexiglass and other surfaces to create unique environments; design your own custom colored glass and/or combine colors. Custom WindowGrip® rolls are 47 inches wide, minimum order per color is 200 feet.  For ease of handling, they can be cut down to 25 feet rolls. Standard WindowGrip™ colors are available in shorter runs.

GAM Blinky™ Stage Guide Light is an LED Spot Marker, Caution or Guide Light.  It can be used as a stair locator for edges and corners, runway lights, or low bridge indicator.  It weighs less than one ounce, and runs continuously for months on two AA batteries.

GAM Cookie is a new product for casting shadows and producing patterned illumination with a lightweight, easy roll and store cuculoris gel panel.  It uses heat resistant, environmentally safe ink that will last even longer than the material it is printed on.

GAM Plexus  Designed for Windows Vista and Newer, control any light fixture or any DMX device from your PC with this highly intuitive, easy software system.  It is based on magic sheets, providing a graphic representation of your lighting system.  Customize and organize your control panels to suit your needs, and lay out fixtures and submasters the way you want.  Libraries of most common patterns, colors and fixtures are included.  Multiple universes are available.