Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC)

ETC will showed their new Source Four LED spotlight  — fresh off its win of the Sustainability Award at PLASA 2012 and the ABTT Product Award. Performing at 30 to over 40 lumens per watt — the Source Four LED is a powerful yet energy-saving fixture creating beauty and artistry in stage, studio, and architectural applications. The Source Four LED™ blends the popular features of ETC’s conventional Source Four® spotlight with the intelligence and seven colors of ETC’s Selador® Desire LED luminaires. The three Source Four LED models — Lustr+™, Tungsten™, and Daylight™ — each uses only a fraction of the electricity of its incandescent counterpart.

Also on display for the first time at a US tradeshow was the Source Four Dimmer. Mounted directly to any Source Four® fixture, the Source Four Dimmer draws on ETC’s power-control expertise to offer professional-quality distributed dimming with the same level of performance as an ETC Sensor® dimming system. Designed with ETC’s new ES (Electronic Silent) technology for noise-free operation, Source Four Dimmer is the solution for concert halls, opera houses, theaters, and venues that require silent ambiance. The Source Four Dimmer also has onboard controls for local operation and RDM for remote setup (a whole rig can be configured from a desk). ETC is also offering a stand-alone version of the dimmer, the new ES750, which can be mounted to any brand of tungsten fixture.

Forming part of ETC’s ‘Layers of Light’ theater at its LDI booth and proving its rigging flexibility will be the newest ETC Prodigy hoist, EXO. The ingenuity of EXO is that its fits in — installed in almost any space, in almost any position. Working as a kind of ‘exoskeleton,’ this unique external structure allows the ETC Rigging’s Prodigy Powerhead to be mounted upright (standing on top of the grid), underhung (suspended below the grid or roof structure), or vertically (attached to the side wall of the stage). These hoists are ideal for modernizations and new construction. Prodigy EXO hoists come in small-capacity fixed-speed hoists up to complete systems that carry heavy loads at rapid speeds.