Doug Fleenor Design

Node 4 is the newest Ethernet Node from Doug Fleenor Design.  With one Ethernet lie in and 4 DMX out it speaks Artnet, ETC Net3, and streaming ACN.  Coming soon is Color Kinetics KiNet.  It is completely user configurable meaning the ports can be place in the front or back of the unit.  This allows you to use the same unit as table top or a rack mount unit.

Node 1 is a Single Port Ethernet in One DMX out, Power over Ethernet.

IP67 Color Kinetics Power Supply is also new this year.  The unit is obviously IP67 DMX In and Out, and 8 Outputs.

Alarm Interface Is a clever device that Milton has been building custom for people that he decided to bring into the product line.  It is simply a DMX IN/OUT Device with relay that you trigger with an alarm such as a fire alarm.  You Simply build your look, whatever you need it to be, push the record button.  It is held in the chip on the device with up to 10 year retention.  When an alarm triggers the relay the look you set overrides what is on stage. Simple.