DeSisti / LeaderLight

DeSisti had a wide range of products at this year’s LDI booth.  Their very popular LEDonardo line of LED Fresnels available in 40, 90 and 120 watt models. The units are available with a Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) either balanced to Tungsten or Daylight. Light intensity can be controlled manually or via a built in DMX card. The LED Fresnel uses the same optic system as the tungsten Leonardo Fresnel and conveniently utilizes the same accessories so they can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems.

Also in the booth were examples of the DeSisti Rigging line. The hoists are available in batten, self-climbing, point, front-of house, and even chandelier point hoists. De Sisti
has adapted reliable machine designs and electrical cable management systems used in
high-use television studios to these markets. From functionality to higher performance, DeSisti is constantly improving their design and manufacturing processes to conform to global safety certifications and standards. While the world of theater automation is designing for faster and heavier loads, De Sisti is designing more affordable and reliable automation systems targeting the utility market, which covers 95% of theater industry needs.

This year LeaderLight was also a major component of their booth. With a wide-array of LED fixtures with many options available, the items of particular interest are their Highbay downlight with is being used as a houselight.  Their LL SPORT is a sophisticated high-power LED fixture dedicated for sport arena lighting. There are two basic driving systems at choice: worldwide power connection (P)* or worldwide power supply with DMX dimmable 0-100% driver.