RGB FlexiFlex

RGB Lights introduced their new FlexiFlex Touring Truss, an integrated hanging, cable and power management system that allows stagehands and technicians to set up faster with fewer connections. Consider it “Pre-Rig” Truss for video. The 24 in x 14 in box truss is designed to house power supply, power distribution, and networking components. The FlexiFlex Touring Truss can support 50-100 mm FlexiFlex panels up to 60 feet tall.

Massive LED video surfaces can be set up in a fraction of the time needed for other products. After bringing power and data to each section of the Hud/GT compatible truss, the system can be hoisted up while the FlexiFlex panels simply unfold as the truss raises. Upon disassembly, the FlexiFlex panel simply folds into its cart as the truss is lowered. No extra handling, attachment, or cabling is required.

For more information on the Touring Truss, please click HERE.