This TMB had networking and control cable offerings as well as an LED fixture. Here’s a bullet list of their booth’s highlights

  • A rack mount gigabit switch in either 8 or 10 ports and with or without fiber.
  • A portable gigabit switch with 6 outputs
  • Pro-Plex 4-core fiber cable will be available by the spring of 2012. This is 4 core fiber with the outer jacket of standard Pro-plex and will allow for a tighter bend radius.

Also new to TMB is the Schnick Schnack line of LED fixtures and controls. They come in both strip and tile versions. All are DMX controlled.

  • C series strip is full RGB and can be video controlled, has a 25MM LED pitch and allows for up to 30 channels of control.
  • B series strip is full RGB, allows for up to 3 channels of control and comes in either a 25mm or 12.5mm LED pitch.
  • L series strip is white light that comes in several color temperatures and is available in either 12.5mm or 25mm LED pitch.
  • C60 series is RGB, comes in either a 25mm or 50mm pitch, uses from 1 to 5 universes of DMX channel control and can be video controlled.
  • C50 series is RGB, comes in a 50mm pitch, uses 48 channels of control and can also be video controlled.
  • B series tile is RGB and used 3 channels of control on a 50mm pitch.
  • L series tile offers the same white color temperatures as the L series strip in a 33mm or 50mm LED pitch.

Schnick Schnack also offers several varieties of controllers and power supplies that allow everything from simple DMX RGB control to a power supply that handles up to 255 universes.