Strong & DTS

Sharing the same booth and distribution chain, Strong and DTS were showing the newest fixtures in their respective lines.  Strong was showing their LED lines of fixtures. The first of which is their extreme long throw Solutions line. These are either White or RGBW fixtures that operate at 650W to throw over extreme distances (White version – 96 fc at 200’).  The Neeva LED profile fixture is their other offering. It is currently available in a 50W version with a 100W version coming out in January. The new 100W will be available in both tunable white and RGBA models. The fixture features 1195 lumens of output. It can project gobos and a hard edge. However it cannot create the traditional soft edge that is found in many incandescent ellipsoidal fixtures.

DTS, which is distributed by Strong, was showing its full line of architectural and entertainment fixtures.  One of their highlighted fixtures was the “Jack Spot”. It is a high power moving head fixture based on the Phillips platinum 5R lamp.  It offers many of the normal options such as a Color wheel, motorized focus, motorized iris, 5° to 34° linear zoom, rotating gobo wheel, fixed gobo wheel, and 5 facet rotating prism. On first glance, the aspect that immediately jumps out is the overall size of the fixture.  It measures 47 cm (18.5”) high x 34 cm (13.4”) wide. The Platinum 5R lamp does have tremendous output for its size, but at certain focal points (as seem with similar fixtures) the lamp creates a spotty throw.  Gobos and other effects looked excellent, and offered a ton of options for a small fixture.

Additional LED emitter upgrades were also forthcoming for many of their LED products including the Nick 600 Wash Zoom.  Which after upgrade is intended to be 25% brighter and feature a quad chip format with internal mixing (instead of current pixilated version). The fixture will either have a 8°-53° zoom or three interchangeable fixed focus optical units. It will also be available in a full white version with two color temperature options (2700° K & 6500° K).