Robe has revamped their line of moving light fixtures.  The new Robin line incorporates some of the newer lamp technologies included the Philips Fast fit lamps and the Philips Platinum MSR lamps.  They also have some LED and Plasma lamp fixtures.

The Robin 300 Plasma Spot and Wash incorporate a Lifi Plasma lamp source first seen in the Nemo by Seachanger.  This highly efficient lamp has a great CRI at 94.  While LED’s are the new cool thing they still struggle with producing high CRI.  The plasma lamps allows for energy savings while not sacrificing color rendering.  The plasma lamp is dimmable to 20%.  Since they are using it in a moving light the mechanical dimmer can cover the rest.

Also new at LDI was the Robin 1200 LEDWash.  It sports the same multi-chip LEDs as the Robin 300 and 600 LEDWash fixtures.  Also new was the Robin DLX Spot LED-based moving head with RGBW LED sources as well as the Robin Sniper with the Philips Platinum 35 lamp for a tight, parallel beam used in place of Xenon-lamped large venue fixtures.

In keeping with Robe’s Green mission, you can view their digital catalogue online.  I recommend you check out the “Robin Scoreboard” for a fast comparison of features across this new line of fixtures.