Philips Entertainment Group

Philips Entertainment Group had a multitude of new products on display, both in released and prototype versions. The popular VLX moving head luminaire from Vari-Lite has delivered a baby brother in the VLX3, a compact LED moving head wash unit that uses three of VLX RGBW light engines to produce a vast array of colors in a small package. For ultimate control and visual effects, each LED cell of the VLX3 can be controlled independently, but in that mode the fixture eats up a whopping 42 DMX channels!

Also in the Vari-Lite line, the 440,770 and 880 spot units showcase an entire line of compact but intensely bright new fixtures. The 400-Watt 440 Spot features everything customers expect in a full-featured moving light, with full color mixing, pattern projection and exceptional brightness, all with only a 400W power draw.

The Vari-Lite 770 Spot adds a 15 to 36-degree zoom to the package, and uses the Philips 700W MSR Fast-Fit lamp for high output. But the real punch of the compact fixture line comes from the 880 Spot, which puts out 19,000 lumens, almost the same punch as the VL3000.

Strand Selecon is not lagging behind in the innovation arena, blending the Vari-Lite advances in LED technology with the high quality fixtures we’ve come to expect from Selecon. The PL Cyc light is a new addition to the PL line of LED fixtures, which started off with the PL 1 spot and the PL3 wash fixture. The PL Cyc is a true cyc light, with one PL1 RGBW LED light engine in an asymmetrical reflector to ensure a smooth wash across a wide area. From the demo we saw, it looks as though this fixture will light a 16-17’ cyc evenly top to bottom when hung on 4-5’ centers.

Also in the demo room was the new LED ellipsoidal from Strand Selecon. So new it doesn’t have a name, price tag or even an outer housing at the show, it nonetheless boasted exceptional optics, high output and good color that puts it in a competitive place in the market once design is completed.