Le Maitre

New at LDI for Le Maitre was the Multi Venue System (M.V.S.) Hazer is the most recent addition to complement Le Maitre’s range of hazer machines, using Le Maitre’s patented system.

The MVS has a variable high output haze with whispers to 80cc/hr, twin variable high output haze projection fans and 90 degree electronically variable haze output direction. It features four channel DMX512, combined control functions and DMX receiver.  The MVS has a higher power air pump and advanced fan motor control for wide range operation. Its larger diameter hazing tube doubles the effective area and increase its working life span, and makes cleaning easier.

The MVS is arc bonded, shielded and has a heavy duty thermo-couple sensor. It also has data storage capability.

For those of you with a penchant for the pyrotechnic, the CometFlame distributed by Le Maitre is a spectacular new machine which produces incredible flames up to 6 meters high.

It fires for 5 seconds at a time and can be set to fire in high frequency or at preselected intervals. Furthermore the flame can set at 5 different firing angles – 45, 22, 0, 22 and 45 degrees – to create fabulous effects.

A unique feature of the system is that unlike other models, the flames can be produced in multiple colors, with six colors fluids in the range: red, green, yellow, blue, purple and orange.

Unlike many other flame effects on the market, the CometFlame doesn’t need any gas, which means there is no need for any external pressure vessels containing gas or CO2. The absence of gas makes the system much safer and enables it to be used in environments where gas systems may not be used.

The CometFlame is an easy to use plug and play system, while at the same time offering fully featured controls. It uses standard DMX protocol and can be controlled by 2 DMX channels – a safety channel, and a fire channel. It is also single or multi DMX channel operable. A fully programmable remote control is supplied with a host of functions such as control of firing angles, channel selection; ready status; DMX status; backlight; system flushing; system pressurizing and saved settings for future use.

As with any flame effect, safety is paramount and the CometFlame has many built-in features including a safety DMX channel, and sensors for tilt, low level and low pressure.

Combined with its high quality construction and stainless steel cabinet, the CometFlame is robust, versatile, easy to use, low power consuming and extremely safe.