ETC had all kinds on new products on their stand this year.. here’s a brief rundown:

Desire D60 fixtures – among the brightest LED wash fixtures available – available in color and in white (daylight and Tungsten) — I want people to know that these fixtures are really bright and they are shipping

S4 Fresnel –  Now shipping! – Winner of PLASA members award. With the Source Four Fresnel, you choose the lamp wattage that best suits your particular application and energy requirements – from 375W to 575W to 750W lamps. And when you need to relamp a Source Four Fresnel, ETC’s smart new design makes your work easier than ever. Our innovative socket and access door let you change out the lamp from underneath the fixture — without having to break focus — saving on work, time and trouble.

It’s a zoom to focus. With the Source Four Fresnel, you get that timeless Fresnel light in a 21st-century fixture. ETC’s innovative mechanical design has simplified the focusing for you. Whatever physically awkward spot you’re working in, we make it easier for you to adjust the fixture from spot to flood, with a full-sized zoom knob you can get a real grip on. We’ve also engineered the fixture-housing to eliminate light leaks and minimize spillage.

Sensor 3 Power control system – Featuring the new CEM and our new Thru-power modules.  Sensor 3 features thru-power modules include a pair of 20a dimmers ad a pair of 20A relays. Each circuit can be converted to a switched relay or a dimmer via the new CEM 3. Each module also features a switch on the front to turn the load on constant. These units are the tools for new theatre designs where the designer is bridging the gap between tungsten and LED. These modules will allow you to control any load at the circuit.

Source Four LED – Yep – This fixture was previewed in ETC’s “Lava Lounge.”  The unit will both retrofit to existing Source Fours or can be purchased new. The colored fixture will rival the output of a S4 750 when used in saturated colors. This unit features the X7 – 7 color LED system and all the control features of the desire fixtures – Available end of Q1 and ETC is currently projecting $2500 list.

Gio – The newest member of the Eos product line – Gio is stationed nice between Ion and Eos. Gio offers powerful Eos functionality and popular operational syntax, in a compact and portable footprint – to fit anywhere and to take on the road. The console features backlit buttons and integrated, articulating multi-touch displays. It supports up to three external displays, which can also be multi-touch. Gio can act as a primary console, a back-up, or a client console.

ETC will demo the new Mosaic Tessera Panel Controller (MTPC) — a sleek addition to their Unison® line of control. Tessera combines a 4.3” touchscreen with a 512-channel Mosaic controller. Complex lighting shows and lighting devices like LEDs and dimmers can all be controlled by Tessera, which also handles impromptu show control, accessories, and non-lighting effects. Tessera integrates within a larger system while containing all the software and functionality within its compact, economical package to master an entire installation. Used as a wall station, Tessera blends into any interior design.