Elation has also decided to incorporate the new Philips Platinum lamps into their new line of fixtures called the Platinum Pro.

The 300w and 800w profile seemed super bright and had a very sharp focus.  The 15R and the 35R contain all the usual moving light attributes including Elation’s EWDMXR wireless DMX.

Also on display was the new Arena par which looks to be the brightest 4 color par in the Elation family.

The center of the booth display was the EPV762 MH which is Elation’s moving head video panel. It was hard to tell how good the resolution is because they were only a couple feet away.

A neat fixture in the Elation booth was the EVCMH is a DMX512 moving head video camera designed to spotlight almost anything and project it onto a video wall or TV. It features DMX512 controllable pan/tilt, zoom, and focus, as well as 48 warm and cool white LEDs (24 each), allowing customization of shades of white to work with skin tones and ambient light.

On display around the perimeter of the booth was the new TVL3000.  This fixture is based on the design of Nila’s boxer fixture.  Other than the look there is no other similarity.  The integral barn doors are a nice feature except that they need to be bigger in order to actually control the light.  The color temperature on the daylight and tungsten seemed decent.