Doug Fleenor Design

Doug Fleenor Designs was showing off their LED600 power supply, a 600 W power supply for LED fixtures (those clever naming principles!). Designed to work with Color Kinetics Color Blast fixtures, the LED600 provides 12 4-Pin XLR output connectors in a handy portable box.

Also in the booth was a handy tool called the DMX Decelerator.  It has existed in a more expensive convertors but the new streamlined design does just what it says.. Slows down a DMX signal because we’ve found there are some manufacturers out there who’s gear might say DMX but, it doesn’t always work when the signal is plugged in.

The brainiacs at DFD were also showing a prototype of their new network converter, a sleek little node to allow DMX devices to jump on and off of an Ethernet lighting network. Planned for release sometime in 2012 if they don’t let Milton out of the lab to go to any more trade shows, the as yet unnamed device will speak ArtNet and streaming ACN, so should serve as an interface for most lighting networks.