Dazian’s Chimer Surfaces were the first thing to catch our eye.  They are made from a flexible PVC that has thousands of parabolic lenses are molded into the surface on both sides.  These lenses create the patterns by reflecting and absorbing light.  There are three patters, Sea Glass, Psychedelic, and Moire.  The effects are really quite unique.  The PVC can also be vaccu-formed allowing for even more creativity.

Dazian also is making Projection Strings.  They are 1/8” wide flat stings designed to provide more surface area for projection.  All of the advantages of string curtains with that added benefit of projection, even better they don’t tangle.

Dazian also has what they call Honeycomb Tables.  Made of Honeycomb Drop Paper they are clean and expandable.  They ship flat and fan out to create round tables.  They had one set up in the booth as a rectangle and in the picture below you can see that has been shaped into a pretty custom shape.

They also make the K-Baby Seating/Low Tables.  These look like the same material but are made from Polypropylene.  They look like paper but we can tell you, they are really sturdy and actually very comfortable.