Sennheiser set a new professional standard for film, television and broadcast applications with the introduction of two new shotgun models.

MKH 8060–the compact, lightweight option
The MKH 8060 lives up to its name as a short gun: the microphone measures just 5.7 inches and weighs a mere 4 ounces (with XLR module), making it ideal for use as a camera or boom microphone. Its range of applications includes outdoor recordings, studio applications for film and television or as an audience microphone for mixing audience reactions. “We are setting a new industry standard with this microphone,” Lange explained. “It is compact, light, easy to handle and really has an exceptionally natural sound.”

MKH 8070–the specialist for distant sound sources
The MKH 8070 features an extreme directivity that enables even very distant sounds and events to be reliably recorded. For broadcasters, this microphone will be ideal for sports events, as well as for film and television recordings, both in the studio and outdoors. It is also especially useful for nature and wildlife recordings.

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