Prime Time – KW/2

New from Prime time were their new LED fixtures.  The LED 31 and LED 77 fixtures are true key light with focused round beam, or a multi-purpose light with use of accessories.
Designed to operate at any tilt angle and very sturdily built with adequate heat rejection.

Available in several versions:

  • FUL: non dimming
  • DIM : voltage dimming
  • DAN and on board : 0-10 volt analog, daisy chain dimming
  • DMX: fully digital 5 pin XLR input

Both utilize either 15 or 40 long life, 3 Watt 3000 deg K LEDs and the power cables can be daisy chained for easy wiring.  The LED-11 lists for $1450 and the LED-77 list price is $2640.

Their new MX222 allows for broadcast quality studio luminaire mounting in an architectural environment.  The steel 2’x2′ Mounting canister allows professional luminaire suspension from 2×2 or 2×4 ceiling grids.  Allows pan and tilt adjustments of most yoke mounted studio lights with 1 5/8″ strut type hardware.  There’s even 2 Edison outlets attached to a 10 Amp push button circuit breaker. The MX222’s list price is $375 with AC outlets and $340 without (fixtures not included.)