Photoflex featured their portable constant light fixtures, the Constellation 3 SilverDome Kit and the StarLite Kits.

Both provide quality high output for video and photography.  The versatile SilverDome SoftBox creates the soft modeling light that is easy to use and a great solution for interviews, portraits or many other lighting situations.

The Constellation 3 accepts the daylight balanced CoolStar CFL lamps or the tungsten balanced Starlight lamps in either 500 watts or 1000 watts. It features three lamp sockets, each with separately switchable 20 amp switches. It has a maximum rating of 3000 watts. It also has a fully rotating quick release mounting plate for the soft box.

The Constellation 3 kit includes:

  • Constellation 3 light head
  • Large SilverDome soft box (36” x 48”)
  • 3 CoolStar 150 CFLs
  • 3 StarLite 100w lamps
  • LiteStand 2320Y (12’)
  • Tilt Swivel
  • 2 power cords
  • TransPac dual Kit Case

The Starlight QL Kits offer a single socket lighting head with multiple light modifiers. These include SilverDome SoftBoxes from large to small and multiple head location lighting kits.

All of these kits provide photographers and videographers quality soft lights with options including daylight and tungsten balanced light for the different lighting requirement they face every day.

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