Pelican Cases

There are new additions to the micro case line from Pelican.

The 0910 for SD memory cards and the 0940 for compact flash cards are not only made of a tough polycarbonate resin, they have a water resistant seal as well. The wallet-sized cases have removable insert liners to absorb shock and protect the memory cards.

The i1010, designed to hold the iPod and other Mp3 players is now joined by the i1015. Responding to the iPhone popularity, this case holds the iPhone or the iTouch. The mini head phone plug inside the case plugs into the phone and there is an exterior jack so that you can listen to your music while your phone is sealed inside the water resistant seal.

Pelican 2490 Recoil LED flashlight with Traffic Wand

Initially designed for use on aircraft carriers flight decks, the 2490 produces 51 lumens and runs 15 hours on 4 AA batteries. It uses colored discs in the cone to create the color.

The body is constructed of sturdy polymer and is lightweight, resistant to weather and extreme temperatures. Rated IP67, it is dust tight and protected against temporary immersion underwater by using an O ring in the shroud and wand.


The 9440 Remote Area Lighting System has been designed for first responders and is totally self contained. Weighing in at 21 pounds, its self-constructing tripod sets up fast where generator lights can’t go.  Its mast rises seven feet high and gives 6 hours of continuous light. The 9440 is maintenance free and uses tough LED lamps and NiMH batteries. With 120 beam spread and 2400 lumens there will be enough light for safe operations.

The 9445 RALS is the safety version of the 9440. The 9445 is rated Class 1, Division 1 and is able to be used in volatile areas that are subject to high ignition possibility.  It has two power settings, it produces 2400 lumens for 4 to 5 hours on high and 1200 lumens for 8 to 9 hours on low. It is currently in rigorous testing and is expecting to be released later this year.

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