On display from California based manufacturer Nila was the Boxer, a fixture that has proved itself a leading energy efficient LED in recent months. Nila was recently awarded the contract to upgrade the television lighting in the United States House of Representatives. User friendly, with tremendous light output and onboard dimming from 0-100%, the Boxer was an ideal fit. It’s an excellent replacement for an 800 to 1200 watt HMI, or a 1200 to 2000 watt tungsten fixture, while drawing just 250 watts. With the ultra-low power consumption, emitting no ultraviolet or infrared rays, this product is setting new standards for sustainability.

The Nila SL:
This exciting new fixture provides LED replacement solutions for several high-end applications. The Nila SL is a direct replacement for a 6,000-watt tungsten space light, while drawing only 850 watts. No more need for expensive 60-amp cabling – instead use a household extension cord. No expensive, external DMX dimmers needed either – use the Nila SL on-board networkable dimming system. 20,000+ hours life for LEDs means no
more expensive bulb replacement, and LED efficiency means no heat load on the air conditioning bill. The Nila SL is versatile enough also to replace a 5000-watt sky pan or a senior Fresnel lens fixture, using its removable yoke and interchangeable lenses. The crisp, clean light of the Nila SL Daylight version is a perfect replacement for 2,500-watt HMIs in demanding applications.

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