Mole Richardson

Mole Richardson has developed what they have defined as the first film friendly LED. The MoleLED 12 pack weighs 12 pounds and has been designed in collaboration with Osram, utilizing their KREIOS stage light modules using high-output blue LED’s with phosphor domes to create an excellent spectral distribution suitable for film work.  Available in both Tungsten and Daylight color temperatures, the The MoleLED 12 pack comes with a yoke with 5/8” receiver and a 15’ detachable cable with Neutrik connector.  This fixture can even operate on a 12 volt car battery and is available in a kit with a gel frame, shield, power supply and case.

Coming soon, Mole has developed a MoleLED SINGLE fixture available for installation in or on podiums, lecterns or anchor desks.  The SINGLE will be available in kits and powered through its 3-channel controller.  Each fixture weighs less than a pound and each kit contains (3) fixtures- either daylite or tungsten, a controller, power supply, extension cables and case.

Mole Richardson’s Daylite and Tungsten PAR fixtures are sturdy and come in a variety of wattages ranging from 575W, 800W, 1,200W, 2500W, 6,000W and 18,000W.  These fixtures are compatible with standard accessories (based on size) and are ruggedly constructed.

The new 24,000W Daylite Fresnel offers rugged construction and an innovative cooling mechanism that maximizes simplicity.  The light beam is smooth, versatile (can move from spot to flood) and the large output makes this fixture perfect for a large studio or location.  Mole says that it has worked to coax longer life from a standard lamp- designing a large floating socket that reduces vibration and allows the lamp to cool more effectively through ventilation.  Standard Mole accessories are available for these fixtures.


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