Manfrotto 055 Hybrid Head Q5, new tripod head for photo and video allows you to experience the best of photo and video shooting in one, with one single head!
The Photo-Movie head has been developed simply to be the best and most ideal solution for the new HD DSLRs with embedded video functions. With a single product it is possible to take advantage of an extraordinary Photo Head and a fully featured Video Head. The unique Photo-Movie selector makes switching from shooting photos to videos quick and immediate, experiencing the best of both worlds. In Photo mode the head provides speed and maximum freedom in all directions, like a ball head combined with an incredibly precise, smooth and controlled movement never experienced before thanks to the fluid cartridges and friction control. In Video mode a fully featured Video Head allows precise and fluid movements for pan and tilt and includes all standard video settings, including an adjustable counterbalance control. The pan bar is reversible for right or left handed users and it can quickly be removed and fixed on a tripod leg thanks to the rest clip that’s included.

Also released at NAB were the 509HD systems that are the result of an important technical evolution – the perfect synthesis between an innovative “bridge architecture” and Manfrotto’s cutting edge engineering: Bridging Technology – an exclusive Manfrotto patent. Thanks to the 509HD’s bridge design, the PAN friction control is intuitive and easy to set, but also protected against knocks. Movement around the PAN and TILT axes is smoothed by ball-bearing units which remove all unwanted vibration, no matter what the operating temperature. Friction control combines with a step counterbalance system (covering the full weight range of video equipment) to allow the 509HD to be fine-tuned with extreme precision for the exact in-shot movements you need. The 509HD’s FDS (Fluid Drag System) is variable and directly controls action and resistance on both axes; the ergonomics of the controls have been noticeably improved to make use of the FDS even easier. All of this guarantees ultimate control and excellent video camera support, no matter what the situation, the shooting style, or the equipment setup. The load capacity has also been improved: the 509HD supports kit up to 13kg (28,8lb) at 55mm c.o.g and two 3/8” threads on the top plate allow accessories, such as monitors and arms, to be fitted straight to the head, thus eliminating the need for extra clamps, saving set-up time and freeing the video camera’s hot shoe for other components.

Looking a lot like tinker toys the Dado is the universal Manfrotto Dadojunction that connects every kind of device from monitors to cameras, and from lights to supports that allows you to create your own professional set up in the most intuitive way.  DADO is a small, versatile and sturdy solution that provides a multiple attachment point for lights, cameras and accessories through a single junction. It perfectly fits the needs of videographers, photographers and hobbyists who want to simplify their equipment and travel as light as possible without giving up their attachments to all their hardware.
DADO is a junction made of 18 threaded holes (3/8), 3 tubes with both female 3/8 threadings and male 5/8 attachments. It’s compatible with all the best selling items in the Manfrotto Lighting range. Dado is available in two kits: one with 3 tubes, 3 threaded pins and 1 sphere and the second with 6 tubes, 6 threaded pins and 1 sphere.

Lastly – the Snake Arm is a compact, versatile, sturdy and extremely flexible solution that provides an alternative support for lights, cameras and accessories. It perfectly fits the needs of BI videographers, photographers and hobbyists who want to simplify their equipment and travel as light as possible without giving up to their hardware. Snake Arm is made of 4 curved tube sections that are completely free to move in any angle and it can be mounted at one end using two spigots with 3/8 threadings and 5/8 attachments, while at the other is a 5/8 attachment. It is compatible with all top selling items in the Manfrotto Lighting range (eg. 035, 026 and babylight stands). Also available is the Snake Kit edition which includes the 035 Super Clamp.

• 4 independent curved tube sections for enhanced flexibility
• 2 spigots on one end (3/8 male and 5/8 male)
• 1 spigot on the other end: 16mm male – 5/8
• Frictionable locking system
• The Snake Arm is available also with 035 Super Clamp (MA050ASC)

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