Gekko Technology Ltd.

Karesslite DD LED uses Tungsten or Daylight balanced LED’s creating broad spectrum white light specifically developed for film and video applications. Unlike traditional lighting products, color temperature remains consistent throughout a wide range of intensity variation. The Karesslite DD is a professional lighting unit developed to adapt specifically to the dynamic requirements of film and video shoots. The fixture can be ordered with an industry standard V-mount to allow flexible, battery powered operation. This LED fixtures operate with a fraction of the power required by traditional professional lighting and with little to no heat emission. Karesslite DD provides three methods of control:

  • Local control for easy, standalone operation
  • Full DMX implementation
  • Simple wired remote dimmer

Karesslite DD provides three methods of power:

  • V-lock battery
  • Remote battery solution using XLR 44 connection 12-40VDC
  • Main power supply either V-lock or freestanding