Electronic Theater Controls

Although not at the show ETC has a new line of Seledor LED fixtures called Desire.  The new Desire line of LED luminaires–in a familiar PAR-shaped body – offers many layers of choice for these lights. It’s like designing your own light from custom CAD drawings.
Solving your design dilemma begins with proper fixture selection. It starts with the chassis. The Desire D40 luminaire features a circular head of 40 diode emitters for bright looks. It is convection cooled and available in modified outdoor versions.
The brighter D60 version has an expanded head with 60 diode emitters. It is fan-cooled, so all versions stay indoors.

ETC lets you take your longtime lighting needs outdoors with XT™ (exterior) versions of Lustr+, Vivid or Studio luminaires. A sealed lid, watertight glands, waterproof connectors, an adjustable knob for positioning, and an IP65 rating allow the fixture to withstand the sun and snow. The D40 architectural versions have built-in sensor systems to adjust
power to guarantee that the LED emitters will always come on.

Now to color concerns. Like many other LED products, Desire luminaires can use RGB color mixing. But they also take it up a notch, offering another choice: a proprietary x7 Color System™ of seven LED colors and the latest white LED emitters to produce the widest range of colors available. It’s part of ETC’s “more color, better light” philosophy.
But even more color choices come in again when selecting a palette – Lustr®+, Vivid™, Studio™, Fire™ and Ice™ – for a project.

Stand Alone is a more simplified, unmanned operating mode, in which all Desire fixtures can operate. Controllable on the user-interface panel on the back of the fixture, it runs through a sequence of preset looks for total control without, well, control. No DMX console is needed for this fixture to run in Stand Alone or in a Master-Slave operation, in which DMX-cable-linked fixtures run with commands from whichever fixture is designated as the Master.

Also coming from ETC this summer the long anticipated Source 4 Fresnel!

All of these new fixtures can be seen on a mini-site ETC has launched at http://www.layersoflight.com

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