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3D was pretty prevalent this year and now you can do it consistently shot in and shot out with DSC Labs’ charts to assist you.

DSC Labs specialist range of charts combines the advanced camera matching capabilities of DSC’s ChromaDuMonde series color chip charts with a range of unique tools and features for 3D, Visual f/x and other specialized workflows.

Designed in cooperation with industry leaders, each specialist chart is designed, calibrated and tested to ensure the highest level of accuracy and quality in every unit. Combining tools for camera positioning, alignment and calibration; specialist charts provide numerous visual cues and markers that make setup and/or correction in post a breeze.

The latest specialist charts from DSC Labs Include:

Visual f/x

The Billups Vf/x
Designed in collaboration with Scott Billups, the Billups Vf/x provides a range of valuable color, lighting and Vf/x specific tools for camera correction, matching and post production visual effects work.
3D Calibration and Rig Alignment

The Fairburn 3D
Developed in cooperation with veteran cinematographer B. Sean Fairburn, the Fairburn 3D is an essential reference tool in any 3D cinematographers toolbox. The Fairburn 3D has been shown to minimize errors during rig setup, helping you achieve consistent, high quality 3D images, every time you shoot.

The 3D-Z
The 3D-Z combines DSC’s renowned front lit chart technology with a unique retractable convergence marker, illuminated nodal reference points and a complete range of specific tools for accurate 3D rig setup and alignment.

The Dashwood 3D
Designed to work alongside Dashwood Cinema Solutions new Stereo3D CAT software, the Dashwood 3D chart combines precise digital markers, integrated IPad display and DSC’s front lit technologies into one of the most revolutionary 3D tools since the invention of stereoscopic rigs.

DSC also had their new Northern Lights Chart which features:

  • Front-lit 24 DSC-calibrated color chips for accurate reference and setup to the Rec. 709 standard
  • 11-step spectrophotometrically neutral crossed grayscale for efficient gamma adjustment
  • Horizontal/vertical hyperbolic wedges (DSC trumpets) to test camera resolution
  • Upper and lower 18% gray strips to check evenness of lighting, both horizontally and vertically
  • Adjustable brightness and color controls to balance white levels

These and other new charts can be seen at http://dsclabs.com


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