Dedotec USA, Inc

Leave it to Dedotec and it’s award winning namesake, Dedo Weigert, to design a finely crafted and well engineered LED lighting instrument for video production.  The Felloni series of LED panels are just that.  At first glance they look much like their competitors offerings, yet upon closer review the Felloni has some unique characteristics.

Little talked about, but unquestionably important, is the CRI of 84 that is offered.  This color rendering ability is much improved from the more common CRI of 74 available on most other “white” LEDs.  Although this doesn’t match the CRI of 100 that tungsten-halogen sources possess, it is significantly higher than the competition.   Since image is king, higher color rendering is key to creating truer and more accurate image quality.

There are three models of the Felloni available: Standard, High Output and Low Profile.  Each model has three color temperatures available:  Tungsten, Daylight and Bicolor (continuously adjustable from 3,200 K to 5,600 K).  All models come with an on-board dimmer that is detachable for use as a hand held dimmer or can be upgraded to use DMX control.  Beam angles for each model are available in 50 degree, 30 degree and 15 degree. They are also rainproof.  With a 324 LED array (24 watts) on standard versions and 576 (42 watts) on the high output versions, these 12” x 12” panels provide 31fc and 50fc respectively with the 50 degree bean angle.  All models can accept the Distance Diffuser accessory, which reduces glare noticeably without sacrificing a large amount of output.

Many more details on the Felloni LED series are available on the Dedotec website.  I invite you to visit to gain more knowledge on this fine new entry in the LED lighting instrument category.

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