Barco presented exciting products in the areas of Projectors, Image Processors, and LED Displays.


HDX-W14 – the world’s first event projector to combine active three-chip DLP® 3D and both wired/wireless control options in a single unit. This large-event projector features crisp, vivid imagery on any screen thanks to WUXGA resolution and 14,000 lumens light output. A built-in LCD screen enables image preview and quick control through smartphones and tablet computers.

RLM-W8 – featuring superior image quality, 33% less power consumption and 10x quieter operation than its nearest competitors, the RLM-W8 is a three-chip DLP® projector for a single-chip price tag. It features 8,000 lumens, saturated colors, and built-in blending and warping technologies.

DP2K-P – the world’s only cinema projector designed for post production, the DP2K-P features superior contrast, brightness uniformity, and expanded color gamut. A special version of Barco’s Communicator software enhances accuracy.

Image Processing

FSN with *NEW* remote control panel – the FSN combines advanced multi-format production and presentation switching of multiple video and graphics inputs in one common, highly integrated unit. A brand new remote control panel (RCP-120) enables users to remotely route sources to the FSN AUX outputs. The RCP-120 is fully integrated with the FSN system through dedicated setup and configuration menus.

Encore with *NEW* 3G capability – Encore, the industry’s leading widescreen presentation system, is further strengthened with the introduction of new models supporting 3G-SDI standards. The new models provide full 1080p HDSDI output signals supporting Barco’s new HDX-14 and RLM-W8 projectors. With the same high image quality as DVI, 3G-SDI signals eliminate the need for costly DVI fiber cables. The new 3G-SDI output card is form/fit/function compatible with the original Encore design. Field upgradable kits are available for existing Encore VP and VPx models.

LED Wall and Displays

OL-521 – this LED-lit 50” HD video wall features high image quality and low profile in a rugged, yet elegant package. Providing an excellent viewing experience, the OL-521 delivers the sharpest, most saturated colors in full HD. Barco’s Sense6 software automatically ensures consistent, stable color and brightness across the entire display.

C7 – the industry’s first truly environmentally friendly display, this 7mm pixel pitch LED display features 2,000 nits of high contrast, superior color reproduction, and calibrated output for indoor displays. Utilizing a fraction of the power consumption of competing products, the C7 is cast in an ultra-thin, fanless enclosure which is easy to install and maintain.

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