ARRI L-7 LED Fresnels:

One of the highlights of the NAB show this year was the Arri L-Series LED Fresnels.  Available in Tungsten (L7-T 3200K), Daylight (L7-D, 5600K) and L7-C (color tuneable 2700-10000K Green – Magenta Adjustment, Full Gamut Color Mixing) all at a CRI of >90 . These fixtures have a standard 7” Fresnel lens on all models and include a 15 – 50°, continuously focusable beam angle as well as other expected functionality of a conventional Fresnel. Additionally, the L-7’s provide even lighting with good barndoor framing ability, features that have been proven lacking in many previous LED fixtures.   The low energy consumption makes them an excellent fit for both studio and location lighting applications. The L7’s draw only 22% of a traditional Fresnel unit’s power: 220W versus the traditional 1000W.  These fixtures are also rated for IP54 weather resistance and offer easy maintenance and cleaning.  Smooth (0-100%) dimming is accomplished by way of integrated 16 bit (2 channel ) DMX. On board control and upgradeable soft and firmware are great options for a customer looking to make a onetime investment.  To satisfy the rigorous sound requirements of modern broadcast studios, the L-Series passive cooling system incorporates no moving parts or fans and is therefore completely silent; it can be used in ambient air temperatures of up to 95° F. An alternative is to select the active cooling system option which uses an extremely quiet (<20 dB) fan and provides a compact and lightweight option for location work in temperatures of up to 122°F The L-7 fixtures list for under $3,000.00 and are available with standard barn door and color filter accessories, as well as 5-pin DMX control.

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