16×9 Inc

Bebob has developed a small dimable LED light source for on camera use. The new LUX LED-4  is available in d-tap or AA power options. The light uses less than 4w of power while producing 23 FC @ 3’.

Bebob has also developed new toys for their Akkus battery line.  The Coco Battery Adapter powers small camcorders with the flexibility of powering up to 5 additional accessories from power ports built into the adapter plate.  Now you can power your light, monitor, audio, etc. from one adapter plate.  Available in V-mount or 3-stud style.

Looking to go even smaller? They have added the Coco features directly into their A75 & V75 Plus battery case. Plug directly into the battery.

The new ML-120 hot swap adapter allows you to run you battery dry then power your rig up to 2 minutes without interrupting the power while you swap batteries. It then recharges itself once you get the fresh battery in place.

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