Total Structures

Total Structures this year were showcasing the RSC Light Lock.  They set up a sequence for one side’s lights to move while you watched the other side stay nicely within a target range.  It was an effective way to show the precision the Light Lock allows you when dealing with moving fixtures.  The rumor is that next year they will have a new version of the unit available that will counteract not just rotation but also lateral sway.

Another exciting item from Total is their TOTALITE spigoted truss that fills a hole in their product range between  New Wave truss range and Light Duty rigging truss, and is lighter, less expensive and more appropriate for the exhibition, conference, television, decorative and small show market.

Despite its decorative looks, easy portability and low cost, TOTALITE is very much a performance product and has surprisingly high load capacity due to the direct chord connection between trusses and excellent geometry between main chords and diagonal bracing. A 20′ span supports a uniformly distributed load (U.D.L.) of 3,000 Lbs with only a 2″ deflection.  Totalite is available in 12″ box version in 10′, 8′, 5′, and 2′ truss sections complete with a full range of corners, bases and accessories.

Also worth noting, the New Wave Truss (winner of awards at LDI, PLASA and various other trade shows) will only be available in aluminum, as carbon fiber has become very difficult to acquire readily.

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