TMB continues to offer a wide range of products, for a variety of Green Hippo Logoapplications and uses.  One new item in the works is the Grasshopper from the Hippotizer range of media servers.  The rack mountable Grasshopper will offer a single output of full HD, be capable of 8 layers, and accept a wide range of input formats.  It will compliment the full line of Hippo products already available.

Some new products from Photon Lighting are LED fresnel fixtures.  These will be available in both tungsten and daylight color temperatures.  They project an incredibly even beam field, and give the flexibility of going from spot to flood.

ProPlex will be introducing the GigaBit Ethernet Switch.  It will be completely configurable and modular, and be capable of 8 Ethercon connectors, fiber options, and be offered in managed and unmanaged versions.  There was also the ProPlex 2×8 DMX opto splitter that has 8 optically isolated DMX outputs switchable to either of the 2 DMX in’s.

A few other fun products to keep in mind are the Vegas Festoon lighting string and the CF35 Strobe String.

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