Sylvania / Osram

Just across the aisle from Barbizon, the Sylvania booth showed off several new products such as the Lok-It, Dot-it, and the GL family.  The Lok-it lamps can be easily installed in luminaires providing an ultra-strong and vibration-free connection with the lamp base.  Designed to ensure proper lamp insertion every time, just a quarter turn secures the lamp and aligns it accurately while a mechanical stop prevents the lamp from being turned too far.  The versatility of the system makes it ideal for a variety of applications in the entertainment industry.

The DOT•it Backstage Blue is ideal for areas where directional light is needed, but cannot be detected. Perfect as work lights for touring and road cases or as illumination for light and sound board operators, the Backstage Blue provides work light without the hassle of wires and finding available outlets.  Other practical applications include crossover lighting and backstage illumination during performances, lighting for the stage manager’s desk and as a quick-change booth light source for performers.  The DOT•it Backstage Blue easily adheres to practically any surface with three included options: adhesive, magnetic or hook n’ loop.

The new GLG lamps is sure to be a hit, at only 375 watts, the newly designed HP 375 lamp (ANSI coded: GLG) provides designers with a lower wattage halogen option for high output in ellipsoidal spotlights.  The lamp is perfectly suited for stage, theater, television, film and concert illumination.  Using an optimized multi-segmented filament, the lamp offers excellent performance. In fact, the lamp has a 3,250 K color temperature and an average rated life of 300 hours, making it comparable in properties and overall design to the GLC (575W) and GLD (750W) lamps.  Because of it’s lower output you will not notice a color temperature shift caused by dimming it’s bigger brothers.

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