The good folks at  Ocean Thin Films hosted an Oxygen Bar this year.  The design of the booth highlighted the energy efficiency and low heat created by the Nemo plasma source (LiFi).   One half of the booth showed how the SeaChanger Profile and Wash could individually replace dozens of incandescent fixtures, and also demonstrated the heat created by incandescent light sources.  The other half of the booth featured the Nemo fixture and showed exactly how little power was being drawn by each fixture through the use of an in-line meter.  Most importantly the Nemo is one of the more efficient light sources producing 30 lumens per watt, versus only 15 lumens per watt from most LED sources. Not only is the Nemo more efficient, but it products less than half of the total heat of a comparable 750W tungsten source.  Seachanger’s commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability continue with these fixtures. Both the profile and the wash were designed with the LEP source to deliver energy efficient, high intensity lighting, while reducing energy consumption.

Perfect for hard to reach installations; the NEMO product has a 15,000 hour lamp life and produces 10,000 lumens on 320W of power.  A dimmer wheel is included to control the intensity of the output.  These fixtures are great for galleries, museums, theme parks and other architectural applications where location make routine maintenance difficult.

You can see the online demo of the NEMO on YouTube or we’ve embedded it below.

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