Robe has been diving into offering more environmentally friendly fixtures.  Their new Robin series of fixtures gives a high light output at a reduced power consumption from what was required in years past.  There is a wide range of fixtures available in this line, in both a 300 and 600 series, and in spot, wash, or beam style outputs.  Some really cool LED additions are the LED 300 and 600 wash units.  They are moving head units and have motorized zooms and offer all the savings and features that LED’s are noted for.  Their Digital series adds the 3000 and 7000 models, which combine LED technology with a moving light projector.  This is something new and is sure to create a lot of interest. 

Their new CityFlex 48 LED strip light fixture can be configured in a wide range of form factors, and is IP 65 rated.  This makes it an extremely versatile item, and can be used in architectural and live applications.

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