Martin Lighting

Martin Professional had a full range of LED fixtures, automated lights, video walls and control solutions on display at the back of the hall, but in this year’s booth, bigger might not have been better. Two of the most impressive fixtures from Martin were also two of the smallest, the MAC101 and the MAC 350 Entour. Two very different fixtures working off the same principle – good things come in small packages. The MAC 101 is a smaller edition of the very popular MAC 301 Wash, a very quick little LED color wash unit. It’s a unit largely designed for flash, with a very quick movement speed, fast strobe and low price point to allow for purchase in multiples. The 350 Entour on the other hand, is a full-featured profile spot with an LED source creating 8,000 lumens with just seven white LEDs. The optics on the 350 Entour are what we’ve come to expect from Martin, very crisp and clear. The 350 features 6 rotating gobos, an 8-slot color wheel, a fast strobe and very nice iris. I was very impressed with the punch from both of these low-power high-output fixtures.

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