The Leprecon LP-X Series DMX console is marketed as “a lot of board for a very good price” and helps to bridge the gap between inexpensive and expensive.  The console is designed for control and cross-programming of moving lights and conventional dimmers and has applications for stage, event, production, and house of worship lighting. The X24 (with 1 DMX Universe) or X48 (with 2 DMX Universe capacity) supports a touch screen monitor for easy programming and user interface and features virtual channels, 20 pages of 12 playbacks, theatrical-style cue stacks and live override function, making this a great board for someone in between beginner and advanced.  Additional features include:

– Built-in fixture library
– 20 pages of preset playbacks
– Color, Beam, Intensity & Focus control w/ individual fade times
– Effects Generator
– Cue Stack memories with hold and fade times
– VGA output
– PS2 connections for keyboard and mouse
– Two dimmable Littlite brand work lamps

The Leprecon LPC series is great for users needing a basic approach to conventional lighting but maintaining the option to grow.  With 1024 DMX output channels and 512 channels The LPC48V and LP96V lighting consoles have six programmable “Quick Looks” that are perfect for a multitude of users, including those who just need to bring up the house lights.  The LPC is simple enough for a volunteer to use but powerful enough for programming complexities- making this a great desk for worship or schools.  A VGA monitor is required, but a touch screen can be used.

The Leprecon Aris Architectural system was developed primarily to integrate all lighting system needs into one control interface.  The system consists of the AI-512 unit (with software and power supply) and the optional control surfaces (button stations, sliders, and lock out panel) to give you complete control of your architectural systems. The AI-512, housed in 2r rack mount chassis, contains all of the necessary hardware and software to interface with, and control, any DMX lighting system, either through an existing DMX console or through an Aris wall or Ethernet station. All 512 DMX channels can be used for architectural or stage lighting, are easily recalled from a number of different interfaces and can program up to 8 different rooms with 24 playbacks per room.

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