There was definitely something in the air at Le Maitre.   Le Maitre had their line of both smoke & haze products as well their special effects products.

In the smoke & haze family there were both products LeMaitre MVS Hazernew and old.  From the throw back era is the Neutron XS hazer still chugging away.  Newer additions to the family are the MVS hazer and the Stadium hazer. Both units are made for high volume output.  All 3 hazers use the same Le Maitre haze fluid.

In the smoke area Le Maitre has developed 3 G Force fog machines to go along with the existing G300.  All G Force machines incorporate Le Maitre’s unique Genesis Easy Change Block System.  Options include On/off Variflow and Timer, DMX and hand held remote.

All machines use Le Maitre’s standard fog fluids.

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