Dove Systems

Dove Systems was featuring The Dimmermaster Shoebox trussmount dimmers which are very compact and available in four, two, or single 2.4 kW dimmer options, all with a 20 amp Twist Lock inlet. They may be pipe or tree mounted and are perfect for tight spaces where conventional dimmer packs are too bulky. The units accept both DMX-512 or 0 to +10VDC control signals, and are powered from a single standard 20 Amp wall outlet.

The Dimmermaster wallmount dimmers are compact units with the option of one 2.4 kW dimmer or four Terminal Block 1200W dimmers. The units accept DMX-512 control and analog 0-10VDC control.  Each channel is protected by a circuit breaker conveniently located on the front panel for quick access.

The HLC line is a small reliable 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 channel house light controller with master sliders. With take control and off buttons, these controllers may be linked in series for any number of stations. The output is 0 to +10VDC. They require between +12 and +15VDC from the dimmer pack as a power supply, and an optional power supply is available for use with dimmers that do not provide it.

Dove Systems also offers customization of most of their product lines.

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