Apollo Design Technology


Apollo Design Technology is adding two new light fixtures to their product line.  The D1000 Cyc Light uses linear halogen FFT lamps. Its asymmetrical light distribution is particularly suited to give uniform washes on a wall or cyc. The D1000 is modular and has been expressly planned for use in square, or linear multiple units, where each single element can be independently focused in the vertical plane.

Their Spotlight miniLED Zoom is still in development, but Apollo wanted to show what was coming up.  This compact 100W LED fixture uses a high density RGBW chip that allows a smooth zoom range of 12 to 50 degrees.  A stand alone mode allows static color choices and dynamic effect presets.  Each fixture may be configured a either master or slave, and optional infrared remote control allows selection of functions.  The miniLED Zoom is also modular, and can be combined with other units in row or square configurations.

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