Zylight was please to demonstrate a prototype of their new “Active Diffusion” system. This variable diffusion density system allows you to dial down the amount of light passing through there patented filter up to 1/2 f-stop. Soon to include a DMX interface for external control the unit comes in three models, a 2×2 and 4×4 butterfly insert and a soft-box attachment for the Zylight IS3. (Thanks to iSquint.net for the video demonstration)

Zylight has also added several new Extender products to their line of camera accessories. The Extender X-110 measures 10.25” stowed and can extend to a length of 19.5” and only weights 6.1 oz. The Short Arm X-SA-100 is a single arm that is durable and even more lightweight than the original articulating arm.  The Mini X-M-100 enhances the DV and the consumer shooter arsenal by mounting to smaller cameras everyone can enjoy better lighting, audio and video mounting. It also works great for DLSR shooters by allowing them to attach a light or monitor to their rig.

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